Joint Historic Commission

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The Joint Historic Commission’s primary responsibility is the protection and preservation of historically and/or architecturally significant structures in Newtown Township and Newtown Borough.

Owners of properties seeking to obtain permission to demolish all or part of a structure must initially file an application for a “Determination of Significance” with the respective municipality. This authorizes the Joint Historic Commission to conduct a review of the structure that may include archival research, site investigation, and formal discussion. The results of this work, and a recommendation to approve or deny the request for demolition, are submitted in a written report to the Township Board of Supervisors or Newtown Borough Council.

As an advocate for historic preservation, the Joint Historic Commission can be a resource for property owners, and Borough and Township boards and committees, regarding historic and/or architecturally significant structures.

Meetings are conducted on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 PM in Newtown Borough Council Chamber, located at 23 North State Street. Its members serve a four-year term.

Commission Members

Township Members:

Lisa Ray – 2020
William Mahler – 2017
Craig Deutsch – 2018 (Planning Commission Liaison)
Jeanette Rogers, Treasurer – 2019
Jennifer Dix, Township Supervisor Liaison
Sandra McIntyre, Recording Secretary

Borough Members:

Warren Woldorf, Chairman – 2019
Lorraine Pentz, Vice Chairman – 2020
Nancy Freudenthal – 2018
Larry Fink – 2017
Robert King, Borough Liaison