Joint Historic Commission

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Eight member board, four year term.   Meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.

The Joint Historic Commission’s primary responsibility is the protection and preservation of historically and/or architecturally significant structures in Newtown Borough and Newtown Township.  The Commission is comprised of four residents from each of these two municipalities.  Meetings are held in Newtown Borough Hall, 23 North State Street.

As an advocate for historic preservation, the Joint Historic Commission can be a resource for property owners and Borough and Township boards and committees regarding historic and/or architecturally significant structures.

Owners of properties seeking to obtain permission to demolish all or part of a structure must initially file an application for a “Determination of Significance” with the respective municipality.  This authorizes the Joint Historic Commission to conduct a review of the structure that may include archival research, site investigation, and formal discussion.  The results of this work, and a recommendation to approve or deny the request for demolition, are submitted in a written report to Newtown Borough Council or the Township Board of Supervisors.

PLEASE NOTE:  Completed applications for demolition requests must be received by the Zoning Officer by the second Monday of the month in order to be placed on the Joint Historic Commission agenda for that month.

Commission Members

Township Members:

Lisa Ray – 2020
William Mahler – 2017
Craig Deutsch – 2018 (Planning Commission Liaison)
Jeanette Rogers, Treasurer – 2019
Jennifer Dix, Township Supervisor Liaison
Sandra McIntyre, Recording Secretary

Borough Members:

Warren Woldorf, Chairman – 2019
Lorraine Pentz, Vice Chairman – 2020
Nancy Freudenthal – 2018
Larry Fink – 2017
Robert King, Borough Liaison