History of Newtown Township in Bucks County

History of Newtown Township in Bucks County 2017-06-30T10:40:27+00:00

Newtown Township has a proud heritage, tracing its roots back to William Penn, who purchased 5,000 acres from the Leni Lenape Indians in 1683. He named this land my “New Township”, which gradually evolved to Newtown Township. Newtown served as the County Seat of Bucks County from 1726 until 1813, when the Court was moved to Doylestown. In 1838, the area comprising the commercial center, plus a number of homes, was incorporated into Newtown Borough. Today, the Township surrounds Newtown Borough and each has its own form of government.

The once rural community has rapidly changed with homes replacing farmland. The Board of Supervisors has endeavored to maintain the Colonial charm of the 300-year-old community through the Comprehensive Plan and the Historic District Classification.