Stormwater management in Newtown Township

Stormwater runoff is generated when precipitation from rain and snow melt events flow over land and impervious surfaces and does not infiltrate into the ground. The runoff from streets, lawns, farms, and construction and industrial sites pick up fertilizers, dirt, pesticides, oil, grease and many other pollutants and discharge into our lakes, streams and rivers. [...]

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Public Works Laborer Position

Newtown Township is hiring a public works laborer.  This is a full-time position with benefits.  The starting pay is $45,053 with pay increases in steps with the top pay being reached in 6 years.  The position requires the ability to work outside even in extreme temperatures, salting and plowing roads, lifting 50 pounds or more [...]

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Clark Nature Trail Closed

The walking trails at the Clark Nature Center are closed to the public due to the presence of Emerald Ash Borer and its effects. Please do not bypass barricades to access the trails. For more information please visit

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2017 Road Program Schedule

This is a preliminary schedule of work to be done for the 2017 Road Program provided by the contractor to the Township. Please note that various items can cause changes to the schedule (weather, equipment issues, supply issues, ect.). The schedule will be updated on a regular basis as the project continues. The first item [...]

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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

2017 Schedule Each Event will take place rain or shine from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM June 17, 2017 Upper Bucks Upper Bucks Area Vocational Technical School 3115 Ridge Road—Bedminster Township July 22, 2017 Central Bucks Central Bucks South High School 1100 Folly Road—Warrington Township August 5, 2017 Upper Bucks Strayer Middle School 1200 Ronald [...]

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