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The Public Works team consists of Director Joseph Schiavoni, 8 full time employees, 1 custodian, and 1 part time secretary.  Part Time personnel are utilized for Park maintenance and mowing in the summer and snow plowing in the winter. Our Director, coordinates each member of his team to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of Newtown’s community.

The Public Works Department is not only responsible for the maintenance of over 70 miles of roadway (140 lane miles), but also maintains the following areas: street signs, street sweeping, drainage, storm inlets, all vehicles and equipment owned by the township, mowing of open space and Parks for a total of over 300 acres, 17 township buildings, bids and purchasing, just to name a few.  Additionally, there is what can best be described as the most cumbersome task of all, Snow Season.

Waste & Recycling of the Newtown Township Public Works Department

Waste & Recyling
Find information regarding waste & recycling procedures within Newtown Township.

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Snow Removal
Learn how we work to keep you safe during a snow storm.

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Report a Concern
Report a concern in your neighborhood to the Public Works department.

Some frequently asked questions

Public Works

Who picks up animal carcasses found along the roadways in the township?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission (610 926-3136) is responsible for picking up dead deer, bear, or elk carcasses along most roadways in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (215 345-6060) will pick up dead deer on state highways only. Newtown Township DOES NOT have the required equipment to pick up and removed a deceased animal. On private property it is the responsibility of the property owner. A domestic animal carcass is the responsibility of the owner.

There is a pothole on my street, who can I contact to repair it?

Please use our Report a Concern tool, or contact us directly by phone at (215) 968-2800 extension 246, and we will dispatch a representative to evaluate the damage for repair.

Who can I call for stray animals?

Newtown Township provides animal control services when necessary. If you require such services, please contact the Police Department at (215) 598-7121.

Who can I call to remove a dead deer from the roadway?

Please contact the Southeast Regional Office of the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission at (610) 926-3136. They will generate an official request and dispatch a representative to retrieve the animal.

Who collects oversized or heavy items that are not included in my normal trash pick-up and when?

You should contact your contracted waste hauler for assistance with the above large items. Please be aware that there maybe an additional charge for the disposal of oversized items.  If you have any type of Hazardous Household Waste you need to dispose of, please visit the Bucks County Planning Commission’s site for recycling.  Residents may take tree limbs and branches to Warwick Green Grinders.

I am a new resident, how do I obtain a trash can and recycle bin?

Your contracted waste hauler will provide containers.   You may also purchase a recycling container at the Administration office for a fee of $12.00, while supplies last.

How can I obtain more information about “storm water?”

You should visit Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection website. They also have brochures, “When it Rains, it Drains” and “Pollution Prevention” which detail information about storm water.

Who should I contact if I notice a street light isn’t working?

To report an inoperable or broken street light, please use our Report a Concern page, or contact the Public Works department at 215-968-2800 extension 246. When possible, please have nearest street address and the pole number available at the time of your call.