The Newtown Emergency Services Department

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We are a small municipal fire department created in 1996 to supplement the local volunteer fire department’s response to fire calls. Since that time our department has taken on many new tasks with the emphasis on prevention and education.

The Newtown Emergency Services Department operates from its headquarters located at the Township Municipal Complex. The administrative office is located on Municipal Drive at the Fire Station.

The department provides full service fire and basic first responder medical care, fire prevention and education programs, fire suppression, vehicle extrication services and fire cause and origin investigations. We operate 5 days a week from 6 am to 6 pm M-F.

Every resident or visitor to our community is guaranteed the same professional and courteous service. We serve a resident population of about 18,206 in an area roughly 12 square miles. Newtown Business Commons has several light industrial facilities and several large professional office centers. Newtown Borough serves as the Historic area with many businesses.

Newtown Township is a Class 2 Township with an ISO rating of 03/03X. This rating has helped to reduce the Fire Insurance cost to our residents.

Newtown Emergency Services Department providing public education to students

Public Education
The staff of the Newtown Emergency Services Department focus on fire safety extends into the community. Staff provides on-site fire extinguisher training to small business’s and organizations within the township.

Fire Safety Training

Safety Tips
Fire safety begins before the emergency services department arrives on scene. We encourage all of our residents to follow these fire safety tips to protect their family.

Newtown Emergency Services Department Group Shot in front of engine

Services Offered
Our department reaches beyond our primary responsibilities of annual inspections on all commercial occupancies, fire calls, and medical emergencies.

Our Mission

The Newtown Emergency Services Department provides essential emergency and non- emergency services.

We are a responsible organization dedicated to answering the needs of the Community with highly skilled people who care. We are committed to eliminating threats of life safety and property damage through education, prevention and effective response to fire, medical and environmental emergencies.

We will achieve our mission through teamwork, professionalism and a commitment to the people we serve.

Some frequently asked questions

Emergency Services

Why practice a fire drill?

Practicing a home fire drill is very important. First, It makes everyone in the home aware of what to do in the event of a fire. Second, a well planned and practiced drill minimizes time for escape. Third, it ensures all components work properly, knowing two ways out, windows and doors operate properly and having a safe meeting place.

Should I buy a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are worth the investment. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can prevent small fires from becoming larger, minimizing the spread and damage of fire. Always call 9-1-1 first before attempting to extinguish a fire. Fire extinguishers can be purchased from your local home center and have directions for use printed right on them. There are many types of extinguishers to choose from. If you’re not sure which type is best for you, contact the department at 215.968.2800 x 255 for more information.

Should I have a Carbon Monoxide detector?

If you have appliances that burn fuels, such as gas or wood fireplaces, fueled fired heaters or gas stoves, yes you should have at least one detector. Install the detector as per manufacturer’s installation instructions near the sleeping areas and at least 15 ft away from heating or cooking appliances.

Where can I get more information on Fire Safety Prevention?

Please visit our Fire Safety and Tips page for more information on how you and your family can help prevent fires.

You can also stop by or call the fire station and talk to a Fire Professional with your questions. The fire station on Municipal Drive is open weekdays during regular business hours and can provide additional literature upon request.


What do those numbers on fire trucks mean?

As part of the Bucks County Emergency Services Community each fire station, police department, ambulance squad has a unique number. These numbers are communication designations for talking to the Bucks County Communications Center when dispatched to emergencies. In Newtown, Station 45 is located on Liberty Street. They are the 45th department in the Bucks County system out of some 60 fire departments. So all of their apparatus bear the number 45. The station on Municipal Drive is Station 55, and apparatus bears this number. Other abbreviations include E=Engine, L=Ladder, R=Rescue, SS=Special Service, C=Chief, D=Deputy and B=Battalion Chief.  L45 on the side or back of the apparatus designates Ladder 45.Other designations you may see, for example, FM252. FM=Fire Marshal. All Fire Marshals in the Bucks County system are a 200 designation. 52 relates to the Municipality. Newtowns’ Police Department is 52PD.The bus, CP252 refers to a mobile Command Post, CP, and again 252 relates to the municipality. All Ambulance departments, or Ambulance Squads as they are referred to, have a 3 digit numbering system.