Environmental Advisory Council

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The Newtown Township Environmental Advisory Council was established to protect the natural resources within the Township and create community awareness. The seven EAC members work together to build an environmentally sustainable community by championing and promoting natural resource conservation, consideration of environmental impacts in decision-making, education and awareness of environmental issues in Newtown Township. The Council meets the fourth Monday of each month, 7:30 PM, in the Public Meeting Room in the township building. Its members serve a three-year term. For questions and comments please write to eac@twp.newtown.pa.us.

Current Members

Shannon Escalante, Chairman – 2019
Dennis Fisher – 2018
Thomas Malcolm, Vice-Chairman – 2018
Steven Bacher – 2019
Amie Easterly – 2017
Vacant – 2017
Vacant – 2017
Donna Griff, Recording Secretary

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