Soliciting in Newtown Township

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Below is a current list of organizations that currently have representatives, with Township Solicitor’s permits. Each person must provide the police department with an up to date clean background check before the picture I.D. is issued. Residents should always ask to see the orange I.D. card if someone knocks at their door to solicit. Call the Non-Emergency police number (215) 598-7121 if you have concerns.


$2000Per Person
  • Daily solicitor’s permit


$7500Per Person
  • 3 Month Permit
  • ($75.00 Per month charge would be with a 3 month maximum permit)

Monthly Renewal

$5000Per Person
  • 3 Month Renewal
  • (Renewal after 3 month permit would cost $50.00 per month per person)

Application to Solicit

Anyone with intent to solicit within Newtown Township must submit an application, as well as a completed criminal background check as completed by the Pennsylvania State Police. Please use the links below to submit an online application, as well as links to request your criminal record online or via mail.


Online Application

Background Check

Online Request
Mail-in Request

Current Solicitors

Soliciting List