A Message from the Chief of Police

A Message from the Chief of Police

Newtown Township Police are joining the growing number of local police departments who are encouraging members of the public to use our parking lot as a secure location to make child custody exchanges or to complete an online purchase or sale with an unknown person.

Many people are joining in the numerous online yard sales or Craigslist in order to purchase or list items for sale.  It is not a good idea for either party to give out their personal information such as their private address and begin to wonder how to close the transaction.  It is always best to meet in a well-lit public place and I can’t think of a better place than the parking lot of the Newtown Township Police Department.  Anyone who may be less than honorable would very likely want to avoid coming to a police station.  The ideal situation would be to meet during regular business hours, when the doors to the building are open and the office is manned.  However, we have security cameras that are recording the area 24 hours a day, so you can feel safe to make your exchanges here anytime day or night.  There are families that use our location to meet in order to safely make child custody exchanges on a regular basis.  Anyone is welcome to use our facility for such purposes.

Should you need an officer to respond for any reason and it is not during regular business hours, feel free to use the red call box on our front porch.  You simply need to push the silver button on the box in order to reach Bucks County Emergency Communications to have an officer dispatched to meet with you.  Please don’t hesitate to use this device, keep in mind that there are always police officers available to respond no matter what the situation.

What to do when you are stopped by an officer


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